MentorGraphix provides tailored solutions to suite YOUR business

The design of your website is one of the most integral components of your web success. In most cases you have 10 seconds to impress site visitors with your design and professionalism, after which they will decide to read further through your site or simply leave. You will find an instant impact and a positive impression should be synonymous with your web site design.

Business card is an essential marketing tool for your business. Business cards contain business information about you and your company. It communicates the fundamental information of your company to your prospective customers in a compact and simple way. Also you can advertise your products or services by displaying information on the rear side of your business card.

Our programmers can build unlimited numbers of programs and applications.

We have a range of business solutions for
     –    Promotional Sites
–    Google Adwords monitoring, Search Engine Marketing, Newsletter applications
–    Course Booking
–    E-Commerce
–    Art Gallery and Photography licensing solutions
–    Real Estate
–    Accommodation
–    The skills, and size, to custom build virtually any project

Shopping has undergone a paradigm shift. It’s all happening on the Internet! From e-malls to e-books, the ‘e’ age has enveloped our market and has made customer transactions short, sweet and simple!

Now the question is;
Have you put ‘e’ in your business

If your answer is No, then it’s time to hop onto this bandwagon because we are definitely going to take you places. MentorGraphix offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions like catalog management, integration services, hosting, security, payment service provider options and much more. Get those products online and watch them go! Our programmers have brought to life customized e-commerce packages in less than 3 weeks! That’s what you get when you have an experienced team delicately working for you.

MentorGraphix provides strategy, consulting, management and implementation services for brands wanting to participate in the social media space. We help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media.

We can facilitate brands in leveraging their social networking presence by creating innovative, lucrative, unique user relationships with greater effectiveness than traditional media. We create two directional communication avenues so brands can engage in social media by having meaningful conversations with people who have opinions about their brand, whilst providing quantifiable metrics to measure the success.

By providing groundbreaking strategies and functional concepts, MentorGraphix can assist in the adoption and implementation of new media and social networking technologies as apart of an overall integrated digital marketing campaign.

Our services include:

  • Strategy Development for Social Media
  • Profile design, development and customization
  • Profile Management Guidance and Assistance
  • Blog design and development – WordPress and plug in integration
  • Facebook Applications , FBML, Facebook Campaigns, design and development, operational guidance and advice
  • Twitter – profile design, business rules for operation, strategy and implementation guidance
  • Strategy and policy development, Brand Monitoring & Protection for product and service conversations