35 Best Cardboard Crafts for Kids

35 Best Cardboard Crafts for Kids

1. Cardboard Airplane:

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Required Material:

  • 1 medium sized cardboard box
  • Masking OR BOPP Tape
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Cut off one full fold and half of both the folds and tape the rest of the sides of cardboard box. Youngsters can even anchor to within fold for additional help.
  • Presently advise your child to flip over the container and remove all the four folds. These folds will e used to make the wings, propeller, and tail.
  • Presently your child needs to remove the armholes from the case. Simply draw a semi-hover close to the taped side and cut it off. Rehash a similar strategy the opposite side.
  • Make cuts on the two sides of the case for the wings.
  • Draw and cut out the wing shape from the fold and embed into the cut. Flip and tape for help.
  • To make the tail, advise your child to take a huge estimated cardboard piece and make a cut in the center. Presently embed a little measured cardboard in the cut.
  • To make the propeller, take a square shape formed cardboard, trims the base finishes and tape together.
  • Make two distinctive measured circles. Place the propeller on the greater circle and attach with paste. Presently stick the littler hover over the bigger circle.
  • Fasten the propeller to the crate. Your plane is prepared. Make this basic cardboard planes for children and have a ton of fun more than ever.


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